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Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein


A Bit About Me

A creative problem solver & programmer with experience in C++, C#, Unity & Unreal Engine. Graduate of the University of Portsmouth, where I studied the design and creation of video games. I enjoy programming as it is a digital puzzle which once solved, creates artificial life. Making games has been a passion of mine for a while as people can visually see a story brought to life. Based in Portsmouth, I look forward to being a programmer in the games industry and be one of the many people who are the heart of every great game ever made.
I have 3 major hobbies, video games, LARPing and Volleyball of which I've play at a national level. At university, I'm was the captain of volleyball society and VP & social secretary of the LARP society and current head of a local system, so I know how to run a good operation and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.



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June, 2019


VR Haptic Combat

September 2018 - March 2019


Awaken Alone

October 2019 - March 2020




Unreal Engine 4



More than a Programmer

Who I Am

Although a programmer with a love of creating games, stories and solving problems I'm also very physically active.

I've been playing volleyball for over a decade, becoming skilled enough to play at a national level. Within these years playing, since 2015 I have taught juniors (under 18's) how to play and help train South Hants local league team as I am a level 2 qualified coach. If you click HERE it will show an interview with Solent TV that I partook in for the club.

Furthermore, at university I played in and helped train the men's team of the volleyball society, and was the captain of its men's team for a year.

During my time at Portsmouth university, I worked in there motion capture facility and have taken part in their annual game jam. I partook in 3 game jams over my 3 years studying, and went from struggling to create a game to winning 3 awards 2019 game jam; Best Design, People's choice and Judges choice. 

When I'm not keeping active or designing video games. I spend most of my spare time LARPing, playing D&D or playing video games of all genres, particularly those that have a gripping story, such as the last of us. This is because a story can turn a simple point & click game into something truly awe inspiring & amazing. This is one of many reasons that drives my passion to create game and writing my own stories. 



11 escur close, Portsmouth, PO2 0UP




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